Afternoon Extracurricular Classes

Make your child's experience even better!

Students enrolled in Project Think's Morning Enrichment Program are also able and encouraged to participate in our afternoon extracurricular classes. These classes are offered Monday- Friday from 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m and provide an additional educational opportunity for your children to learn even more about a subject or class they love! 


Students participating one of the afternoon extracurricular classes need to bring a sack lunch and drink. Supervision is provided.

The following afternoon classes are available based on grade level:

Computers (Grades 4-8)

Robots invade Project Think! Learn computer coding for Robotics, Video Game Design and MinecraftEdu Digital Story Telling

Learn to design and build your own original computer game from scratch. Create the characters, the action, the background, the music, and the format for an interactive single platform game that you can play with friends. The sophistication of your games will advance as you develop fundamental elements, such as character movement and setting the high score. Additionally, showcase your research and learning using MinecraftEdu (the educational version) to design your own interactive stories.

Project Thinkers will also get the opportunity to code with robots -  Spheros - a spherical programmable bot. Students will be able to control and maneuver the Sphero through a self-designed obstacle course by coding the sensors and motor inside!


Session 2 will build on season 1 skills, offering intermediate and advanced instruction for those returning.

(CLASS FULL) Swimming Lessons (All Ages)

*Class full for 2018! To be placed on a wait list, please email

Enjoy a cool dip in an Olympic-size pool. Daily lessons are provided for every swimming level, followed by recreational swimming. A credentialed teacher/aquatics coach supervises the program along with Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors. Swimmers will be transported daily, to and from the swimming pools at Claremont McKenna and Pitzer College (less than 1 mile each way) on licensed buses.

*Note: There is an additional $45 transportation fee for swimming.

Visual & Performing Arts (Pre-K- 2nd Grade)

Express yourself through creative writing, art, music, song, dance, drama, and play. Awaken your imagination with stories that will inspire you to create your own mystery adventures. Perform in a special production which will be videotaped and shown at Family Night.

Drama (Grades 3-8)

Practice acting techniques and bring your talents to fruition as you plan, organize, and participate in a film presentation for your families to view at Family Night. You will have plenty of opportunities to express yourself as you enjoy theatre games and exercises. Learn about theatre make-up and costuming, simple sets, and all the peripherals that will make you a believable actor or actress.

Spanish (Grades 3-8)

Learn conversational Spanish and develop a keen understanding of the rich Hispanic/Latino heritage of our own California. Enjoy learning about the culture of Spanish-speaking nations around the world through music, dance, and art.