Students Grades 3-8

Students that will be entering the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade in Fall 2019 are able to enroll in the morning enrichment program at Project THINK. These students will be grouped according to grade level and will rotate through six classes. These stimulating course offerings provide an opportunity for students to explore in areas that are often not addressed during the traditional school year. The classes are filled with hands on activities, projects, lessons, and educational presentations from visitors that will be sure to get your child ready and excited for the upcoming school year!

Curriculum is varied for each session.

2019 Class descriptions coming soon!

Students Rotate Through the Following Six Classes:


 First Session: Explore the world as you create and map a simulated oil tank spill off an international coast using Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. GIS is three dimensional mapping software utilized in most fields today. You will enhance your cartographic abilities as you integrate critical geography, science, and math skills to solve this 21st century environmental challenge.

Second Session: Learn to design and build your own original computer game from scratch. Create the characters, the action, the background, the music, and the format for an interactive single platform game that you can play with friends. The sophistication of your games will advance as you develop fundamental elements, such as character movement and setting the high score.

Oceanography Science

Learn about the astonishing variety of sea creatures that dwell in the various layers of the ocean and how they adapt to differing pressures, light, and availability of oxygen. What are the latest creatures to be discovered in the oceans’ deepest, darkest layers?  Squid and starfish dissection for those interested will enhance learning about the wonders of the ocean. Through hands-on experiments discover ways to preserve the ocean life and ecology. You will learn to respect and appreciate this vast biome as you become aware of the interrelationships of animals, plants, and minerals and how these affect your lives.    


View works of famous ocean artists, such as Wyland. Observe how they connect style, color, and design in an ocean environment. Using a variety of media, including drawing and painting, create your own artful masterpieces. You will learn drawing techniques, color, value and perspective to bring ocean wonders alive through art.


Learn to use your imagination to develop captivating stage presence and build confidence. Reach into the minds of the audience, as you move and react, using all your senses. Improvisation. Theatre games, and exercises will help you explore the hidden talents that you possess.

Literature and Writing

Thrilling sea adventures rise to the surface as you create your own stories. Literature will provide new vocabulary and a background of experience as you learn about character analysis and elements of story styles. As a young author, you will write and then publish your own literary works during both sessions. You may choose from a variety of genre and will learn stimulating revision techniques to finalize your compositions.


Collaborate and explore as you build, create, and problem solve like future engineers using the design process in this STEAM classroom. Use your creativity and knowledge of math and science concepts to navigate a variety of building and thinking challenges. Your logic, reasoning, and artistic skills as well as your imagination will be pushed to its limits in this Makerspace!