Don't just take our word for it...

Two Generation Project Think Family


Patrick and Caitlyn Rainsberry are a two generation Project Think Family.


Patrick attended Project Think between 6th and 7th grade in 1991 at the Claremont Colleges.  Among his favorite memories of Project Think are dissecting and making great friends.  He also liked the hands on approach to learning, especially in science; learning to draw in the art class; changing classes; and talking with the other Project Thinkers.  One of his friend’s at Project Think became a professor at the Claremont Colleges and is now a chemist in the industry. Today Patrick has an MA in engineering and works for an engineering software company doing business development.



He and his wife, Amber, were excited to send their 9 year old daughter, Caitlyn, to Project Think three years ago.  Caitlyn shared that this summer she liked dissecting the owl pellots, making goo, painting in art, and working on Scratch on the computers (She has a robot at home and uses Scratch with it).  She also enjoys writing poetry in the language arts class.  Caitlyn looks forward to seeing her Project Think friends each summer.  

"The teachers and staff are really nice. I've learned a lot of new things at Project Think, especially in the computer, drama, art, and language arts classes. I also love the mystery animal of the week!" - Lena Shapiro, 5th Grade


Thank you for all you do to help our children learn, grow, and for the wonderful memories they will have for all their life. 

- Connie Shapiro, Lena's Mother





"Project Think is a wonderful summer program geared at kids with diverse learning needs and styles. My boys attended last year and they loved the program. My older son is a 12 year old Honor Society student who is in gifted classes and my 9 year old is a boy on the high autism spectrum that thrives in a less typical learning environment. Both of the boys had so much fun and learned a lot last summer helping make their following school year a success! I have experience with the John Hopkins Talented Youth Program and the teaching method at Project Think is pleasantly similar. The children learn hands on in a non-traditional environment that they enjoy. They don't even realize just how much they are learning! The teachers are credentialed master instructors who are happy to be there and it shows in the students! My kids are so excited to be going back this year and I am excited for them. As long as I can, I will keep Project Think as part of our summers."

-Yanira Virgen, Mother of 5