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Advanced Thinkers

Grades 3-8



8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Students that will be entering the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade in Fall 2023 are able to enroll in the morning enrichment program at Project Think.


These students will be grouped according to grade level and will rotate through six classes. These stimulating course offerings provide an opportunity for students to explore in areas that are often not addressed during the traditional school year. The classes are filled with hands on activities, projects, lessons, and educational presentations from visitors that will be sure to get your child ready and excited for the upcoming school year!


Become a globetrotting detective using Geographical Information System (GIS) tools to uncover the mysteries of the world. Learn how to use multiple data sets and visual topographical tools to build visual

story maps.


First session will focus on unearthing mysteries of the world such as Stonehenge in England, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Great Wall of China. Second session will focus on the mysteries of the animal world including how species evolve to adapt to

their environments.


Immerse yourself in the many mysteries and wonders of our natural world. You will learn drawing techniques, color, value, and perspective and use a variety of media, including ceramics, to bring these wonders alive. From the Polar aurora, to the Great Wall of China, to the Taj Mahal, and many others, you will discover their mysterious characteristics, while recreating your own masterpieces.


Session 1: Mix chemicals that bubble, change color, get hot, and produce gas, heat, and odor to discover the mysterious properties of matter.  As scientific detectives, you will explore pigments, the concept of solubility, and the separation of mixtures as well as learn about chromatography.  What secret formulas await you each session?  The focus is on learning by experimentation.


Session 2: Grab your scientific explorer helmet and magnifying lens and join us as we sleuth our way through some of the wildest places on Earth to learn about the mysteries of the Animal Kingdom.  Discover giant snakes, mouse-sized monkeys, and water-walking lizards. Learn essential ecological principles as you unlock the significance of various animal species and ways to preserve them and their habitats. Dissection for those interested will enhance learning this session.

Creative Writing

Join us in a Mystery Festival!  Solve a classroom mystery combining fun and excitement with careful experimentation, logical thinking, and real-life connections. Acquire descriptive language to write your own adventurous tale. Exciting literature will provide new vocabulary and a background of experience as you learn about character analysis and elements of story styles. As a young author, you will write and then publish your own literary works during both sessions. With clues that you have devised, can your fellow students solve your mystery? Curriculum is varied for each session.


Develop your physics and engineering skills as you create projects of your choice that reflect  mysteries of the world. Guided by the Next Generation Science Standards for engineering, students engage in hands-on activities challenging them to be creative thinkers.

First Session: Write a riddle about one of the Wonders of the World. Then construct a pop-up scene utilizing LED light circuitry to reveal the answer.

Second Session: Design and build a class Mysteries of the World-themed miniature golf course. What par will each hole be? Will you add challenging moving parts? Projects will be on display for Family Night. Who will get a hole in one?


Learn to use your imagination to develop captivating stage presence and build confidence as you explore the drama of mysteries. Reach into the minds of the audience, as you move and react, using all your senses. Improvisation, theatre games, and exercises will help you develop your public speaking skills and explore the hidden talents that you possess. 





12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Advanced Thinkers enrolled in the morning program can extend their enrichment by selecting one of the Afternoon Extracurricular classes list below. Students enrolled in the morning and afternoon classes have a supervised lunchtime daily. Please send a sack lunch and drink for each child.


Swimming Lessons

All Ages

Enjoy a cool dip in the Pitzer College swimming pool. Daily lessons are provided for every swimming level by Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors. When the children return from the pool they will be engaged in fun summer activities. 

Coding, Robotics & Makerspace
Grades 4-8

Develop your coding and engineering skills as you explore the mysteries of design through creativity in the STEAM laboratory. Guided by the California Computer Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards for engineering, students will engage in a variety of real-world projects each session.

First session:

  • Learn to use Tinkercad, a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software, to draft an object of your choice. Become familiar with the process of 3D printing and have your object come alive as it is 3D printed. (Additional $45 lab fee included in registration)

  • Navigate your world and develop your computer science knowledge while using the programmable Sphero bots and other coding platforms.

Second session:

  • Design, build, and program a series of projects culminating in a mysterious robotic creature using Hummingbird Kits (educational, advanced robotics kits that include LED lights, sensors, and servo motors). Each student will take home their robot and kit to continue designing throughout the year. (Additional $125 lab fee for kits included in registration)

  • Navigate your world and develop your computer science knowledge while using the programmable Sphero bots and other coding platforms.


Grades 3-8

Learn conversational Spanish and develop a keen understanding of the rich Hispanic/Latino heritage of our own California. Also enjoy learning about the cultures of Spanish-speaking nations as you travel around the world experiencing their music, dance, and art. This hands-on, highly interactive, and fun class is an excellent opportunity for all levels to engage in speaking Spanish.


Grades 3-8

Practice acting techniques and bring your talents to fruition as you plan, organize, and participate in a live presentation and/or filming around mysteries for your families to view at Family Night. You will have plenty of opportunities to express yourself as you enjoy theatre games and exercises. Learn about theatre make-up and costuming, simple sets, and all the peripherals that will make you a believable actor or actress. Guest speakers with demonstrations from various areas within the world of theater will add to the learning.



Child care

7:00 am -8:30 am & 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Extended Child Care is available based on a weekly rate only and is offered to all students enrolled in the program. Each week includes daily care between the hours of 7:00-8:30 a.m. and 3:00- 6:00 p.m.
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