Project Think Program Overview

Project Think is an academic enrichment program with two distinct three-week sessions. Each session is comprised of three layers, the morning classes that all ages attend and optional afternoon classes and daycare.  


Morning classes - 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Students are engaged in active, project-based learning with talented, credentialed master teachers.

  • Young Thinkers (PK-2nd grade) - The Prek/K children rotate in groups of approximately six students and the 1st/2nd graders rotate in groups of approximately eight children to five learning centers with a teacher and assistant at each center: language arts, math, science, technology (computers and robots), and the arts.  Each room has a master lead teacher and there is a coordinator overseeing the entire Young Thinkers Program. 
  • Grades 3-8 – Students, grouped by grade level, participate in six classes: computers, science, art, drama, literature/creative writing, and makerspace. They rotate to three classes a day for an hour in each in order to have time to engage in hands-on projects. The students receive a schedule of the rotations on the first day and are assisted with changing classes.

Afternoon classes – 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. (optional) - Students select one afternoon class each three week session where they delve into one of the following content areas:

  • Swimming (all ages) – Students are transported (less than 1 mile) on a chartered bus to the Claremont McKenna and Pitzer College swimming pools. They a have a lesson of 60-90 minutes each day in small groups (by skill level). Red Cross certified life guards and instructors as well as a credentialed teacher/aquatics instructor coordinate the swim program. Beginners are in groups of 2-3 per instructor learning to become water safe. More experienced swimmers develop various swimming strokes as well as diving techniques.
  • Visual & Performing Arts (PreK-2nd Grade) - Students experience all of the arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, acting, and creating poetry) from a cadre of Visual and Performing Arts specialists.  Each session culminates in a short performance that will be filmed for Family Night
  • Computers (Grades 4-8) - Students in the afternoon computer class learn coding to design video games with Kodu, create digital stories using MinecraftEdu, and program Sphero robots.  Students are challenged at their personal level of coding ability from beginning to advanced. Did you know that there is now an Advanced Placement (AP) Exam for computer programming?
  • Drama (Grades 3-8) – Students experience all aspects of the theater - from writing scripts, to set design, to acting - as they create and perform their own production that is filmed for Family Night.
  • Spanish (Grades 3-8) – Students learn conversational Spanish through a variety of exciting activities including singing, movement, and games. They also experience the cultures of various Spanish-speaking countries of the world via storytelling, art projects, geography, and music.

Extended Daycare (optional) – 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. The Project Think daycare program includes a variety of fun activities daily for students to choose from including: art projects, board games, and computer programs/coding. Chess (instruction provided) and outside games are also offered in the afternoon.

Program Highlights

In addition to the enriching classes, there are special activities that add to the excitement and learning at Project Think: 


Special visitors frequent Project Think for assemblies throughout the program. From exotic musical instruments, to animals, and more- students are constantly learning hands- on!

Mystery Animal of the Week

Each week students are challenged to use their logic and reasoning skills (asking yes/no questions) to discover the mystery animal of the week. The exotic animals appear at a brief assembly during snack time on Fridays.

T-shirt Fridays

Students are all given a Project Think t-shirt that they can wear any day.  If they wear their shirts on Fridays, however, they are entered into a raffle with fun prizes for each class.


Newsletters about the Young Thinkers Program and Grades 3-8 Program (including afternoon classes) are shared at the end of the first week, each session, and available on the website. They inform parents of what the students experienced week one as well as a forecast of the next two weeks.

Family Night

There is an open house, Family Night, the night before the last day of each session where families can visit the classrooms, talk with the teachers, and see a streaming slideshow of the Project Thinkers engaged in their classes (7:00-8:00 p.m.). Family guests are welcome!

Don't miss out on the exciting summer we have planned!